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Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter Kit


Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter Kit


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Artisan Vapor & CBD is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the USA. Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter Kit is one of the best selling e-cigarette kits available in the market. It is available all across the USA at an affordable price of just $42.99.

We offer Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter Kit in a durable design. It is crafted with high-quality components that make it a suitable for sub-ohm vaping. It also has a vape battery with high rated capacity of 2600mAh.

Our advanced product Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter Kit has several great features that make it a perfect starter kit for any e-cigarette user. It comes in three different coil resistances of 0.3 ohm, 0.5 ohm, and 1.0 ohm. In addition, Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter Kit has a stainless steel body with ceramic coated color and silver vaccum plating. It also has dual adjustable airflow that provides intense clouds or vapors. Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter Kit and other vape e-cigarette kits are widely available at our website. In addition, you can also buy vape e-liquids, mods, tanks, and accessories at cheaper price from our website.

The Moto Plus sub-ohm kit includes high-quality components, all made by Vaportech. It has been crafted using premium grade stainless steel and other procedures such as ceramic coating for its color and silver vacuum plating. The tank and battery when fit together result in small device which is not only easy to carry around but easy to store as well due to the compact size. This kit contains a high-quality 2600mah battery which is more than enough to provide you long uninterrupted vaping sessions. To keep the battery charged, you can use the micro USB charger this kit comes with. The battery output is 3.9 Volts and the maximum wattage is 50 Watts while the lowest resistance level is 0.2 ohms. The guarantee of uninterrupted vaping sessions is further ensured by the massive 4.0 milliliters e-liquid capacity of the tank which takes away the worry of having to refill the e-liquid again and again. Furthermore, gold-plated electrodes ensure smooth nonstop flow of electricity.

The Moto Plus sub-ohm starter kit comes with three coil options, i.e. 0.3 ohms, 0.5 ohms and 1.0 ohms, giving you a wide range of resistances to choose from so you can have a great experience using the Moto Plus kit. Furthermore, in a bid to ensure the right mix of vapor and air, you are provided with an advanced variable airflow system which lets you choose the airflow according to your needs.

The Moto Plus sub-ohm starter kit supports coil resistance as low as 0.2 ohms. It has a battery capacity of 2600mah and has a tank capacity of 4.0 milliliters. The battery and tank fit together perfectly in an ergonomic way resulting in an extremely easy to carry and portable device. This device can provide power up to 50 watts depending on resistance of the coil being used.

How to Power On the device: Press the fire button five times. The white button light will blink three times to indicate that the battery is on

How to Power Off the device: Press the fire button five times. A combination of white and red button lights will blink three times to indicate that the battery is off

How to Vape: Press and hold the fire button to inhale; the white button light will indicate the device is in use. If the battery life is below 20%, a red button light will illuminate while vaping, indicating low battery.

Battery low Warning😕 Low battery will be indicated by the red button light when the fire button is pressed.

Recharge Needed?Warning: ? ?When the fire button is pressed the red button light will blink 10 times and the battery will shut off. The battery must be recharged to be used again.

Specifications and Features Of Moto Plus Starter Kit

  • 2600mah battery capacity
  • 4 milliliters tank capacity
  • Coil options: 0.3 ohms, 0.5 ohms and 1.0 ohms
  • Power output 3.9V
  • Lowest resistance 0.2 ohms
  • Complete stainless steel body
  • Gold plated electrodes
  • Micro USB 1A charging port at the bottom
  • Ceramic coated color and silver vacuum plating
  • 22mm diameter x 144.5mm height (including drip tip)
  • Dual adjustable airflow.

Moto Plus Starter Kit Box Contents:

  • 1 x Moto Plus battery
  • 1 x Moto Plus Tank
  • 1 x 0.5 ohm coil
  • 1 x 0.3 ohm coil
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Product Warranty Card

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5.68 × 5.25 × 1.5 cm


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