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Ban on flavored vaping may have led teens to cigarettes, study suggests


A study by Yale found that a ban on flavored ecigs in San Francisco actually led to a doubling in youth cigarette adoption as an alternative. Yale recommends easing up on flavor bans and instead enforcing access to 21+ only retailers, rather than allowing combustible tobacco to become the preferred choice.  To read more, click here



Artisan Vapor & CBD's PMTA Accepted


We are proud to announce that the PMTA filed by Artisan Vapor & CBD with the FDA has been accepted. To know more, click here


Here's the link to the Press Release



World Vape Day - May 30, 2021



Vapers around the world celebrate the World Vape Day on Sunday, May 30, 2021. This is a time for vapers, consumer advocacy organizations, and vaping businesses to celebrate the technology that has helped tens of millions become independent of cigarettes and combustible tobacco.

World Vape Day is also the perfect time to raise awareness among people about vaping and other low-risk nicotine alternatives to deadly cigarettes.


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